My World of Make-Believe

My world is run on emotions. Music, movies, television, art. Anything that elicits strong feelings.

Everyday life? It’s…tough. There are too many news stories of murdered children or horrific fires. Of terrorism and natural disasters. The reality of these things are too strong for me, so I escape into what I call second-hand emotions.

These come from characters in our imaginations. Those, they can suffer and wither and murder and scheme. Since they’re not real, I can live those lives.

Of course there’s the standard reason too. Where else can I meet fantastical creatures like leprechauns and fairies? Where else can I stand in a ring of toadstools and be transported to a place where people fly and the world is lit by fireflies? Superheroes can come and save the day, and a little lady can scream, “No capes!”

In my world, anything can happen and I can break down crying or laughing. Then, I can always return to reality and know that the evil wizard isn’t going to break in my windows at night.

I guess it’s kinda strange…Using fiction to escape reality, then using reality to escape fiction.

Full circle. My ring of safety.


Painting by Myriam Warner, one of my sweet daughters from another mother. ❤