Post QuestCon High

The weekend is over and I’m still on Cloud 9. QuestCon in Mobile, Alabama was only my second convention ever and the wave of elation has yet to end. What was so awesome? Well, I’ll narrow it down to my top 3 for you guys.



In third place: COSPLAY!!!!

I LOVED seeing everyone in character. So many great outfits stopped by, and each person totally represented their cosplay complete with attitude. Strike a pose and rock it!!!





Second: The Celebrity Guests.

Matthew Atchley, John Anderson, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jody Lynn Nye, Dan Wells, Paul Amos…the list goes on and on. There were so many cool people to meet and awesome panels to attend that I didn’t even get to meet the

RWBY voice actors! I did shake hands with Paul Amos and saw Jason Douglas, but I was kind of  fan girling in my head and didn’t want to give away that I totally adore their characters. Next time though, I’m totally letting my mouth fly open with, “

Dude you were awesome in….” Screw trying to be cool. I WANT A PICTURE!!!! I did totally get these snapshots though, AND I got to actually participate in a panel with DAN WELLS!!!!




Okay, so what can beat celebrities?

And the Winner Is…: Spending time with Friends, Family, and Fans, and Making New Ones.




Helping me man my booth, were three of the coolest people ever, friend and author Carrie Dalby and the Purple Pixie herself, Sylvia Lee. Hubby and the kids were there and Saturday, I even got to see some of my other homeschool babies. Matthew Atchley (celebrity artist) and his wife returned to Mobile and it was SO great to hang out with them again. I also got a chance to meet some young readers and even heard back the next day how much they were loving the story!!! That’s really what it’s all about. I love taking my readers on an adventure they enjoy.

Well, the weekend is over and Lex2 is calling my name, so even though I’m still riding the high, I must return to my manuscript and find out what happens when Lex…

oops, can’t say. Hee hee!!


Catch you guys again soon! Oh, if you want a chance to grab your own copy of Legendary Lex: An ODD Beginning, click here for more info.

Loves and Hugs to you all!!! And a special thanks to QuestCon for making me a part of your family. ❤

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