Christmas 2017


Christmas is over. Santa came to town. And it was a Merry Christmas indeed.

Just a recap of some of the great things that occurred over the recent holidays:

  • We all went to a Renaissance Faire. Prince had tea with the Queen, I held a huge fricking snake, Kara had her fortune told (that was hilarious), Archer got in a balloon swordfight, and Hubby drooled all over the swords.

  • We went to visit the parents for Thanksgiving and played with our new baby nephew. It was amazing.

  • After Thanksgiving, the Christmas rush hit and so did a horrible virus that kept us all in bed for over a week.

  • One of our nieces (now referred to as Princess) came to live with us a few days before Christmas. She seems to be an amazing fit and we’re loving her presence.

  • Christmas Day was awesome! Prince became an actual Lord and owns a piece of land in Scotland. Archer got a new phone. Kara got two art mannequins she’s been dying for. Princess got an amazing art kit. Hubby’s wish came true with a copy of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. And I was gifted with Flash items that totally made my day.

So, now you guys are all caught up. How were your holidays? Hope they were just as awesome.

Now, however, it’s time for me to get back to teaching the kids and working on Lex2.

Hugs to you all!!!