Countdown to Release!


Last weekend was the big pre-release for Legendary Lex: An ODD Beginning. Unfortunately, a hurricane decided to sweep through and cut my party time short. We still had a good turnout considering the weather and it was a great practice run for upcoming QuestCon October 20-22.

I’ve been super busy prepping everything, but I want to take a few seconds and bask in the excitement. Yes, Lex is finally going to be released to the world. This is HUGE for me. But, I’m still a regular person and a fan, and QuestCon has some pretty awesome guests in their line-up.

Sherrilyn Kenyon. Okay, let me say this one more time so it really sinks in. Sherrilyn fricking Kenyon is going to be at QuestCon!!! I’ve only recently been introduced to her books, but I’ve become totally obsessed with her story. (And I say story because all of her books seem to intertwine in some way so far.) Her Chronicles of Nick are an awesome read for almost any age, and her Dark Hunter series is sensational for adults. (Well, adults who like the paranormal romance genre.) Needless to say, I will be trying not to fangirl out at her booth. I do, however, have 2 books ready for her autograph. Hee hee.

Next on my list of swoon-worthy guests: Paul Amos. Dude, I didn’t even realize how much I knew him from. But, like most Amos admirers, his Lost Girl time as Vex will reign at the top of my list. (So awesomely portrayed!)

Okay, I just realized this list could go on and on because Jodelle Ferland, Jason Douglas, and part of the cast of RWBY will also be there. It’s enough to send me into giggle-fits.


It’s going to be tough remaining professional next weekend. Wait! What am I saying???


 I’m going to be partying it up behind my table with my own crewQuestCon and sneaking off for quick peeks at my fave guests. I’ll be wearing funky fun clothes and my Dragicorn houseshoes and having a blast! Professional doesn’t mean boring or BORED! I’ll still be there for my fans and giving out info to those who have no clue who I am because, let’s face it, I’m still a total newcomer to the author’s table.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it all goes and I hope to see some of you there!!


Look What Came In!!!!

UPDATE!! Pre-release at GNG is being moved to 12-5 due to the incoming hurricane. Still hope to see you guys there, but stay safe!! Hugs!


They’re here! The first shipment of Legendary Lex novels has arrived.


These beautiful babies will be on sale at Gamers n Geeks on Moffet Rd. in Mobile, Al. On October 7th, starting at 2pm, I’ll be chowing down on yummies and sharing them with friends, family, and fans. This is a party, so come share in the fun! Also, the first 50 customers will receive a special surprise along with their manuscript purchase. After those 50, there will be no more books available until the official release on October 19th. I’m so excited! Looking forward to seeing you guys there! Just click here to see the event!

Our New… Pet?

Meet Henry.

henry's home

Oh, wait…


There he is. Somehow, thanks to my lovely daughter, The Evil Witch Kara (Yes, that’s the secret name she chose for my blog posts), we have adopted an uncaged spider into our home. Now, I’m a pretty bad arachnophobe so this is a huge step for me. Henry and I had to make some ground rules for his survival. First, he stays in his little corner of the bathroom window. Second, he makes no sudden moves or I can’t be held responsible for any random object that may fly his way.

I know that spiders can be very helpful and Henry is actually doing a pretty good job of catching the occasional bug. He earns his keep. Also I tend to be very protective of all life. We try to catch the non-dangerous creatures that may find their way into our home and release them back outside. But anything that can pose a real threat tends to get crushed by my lovely son, Prince. (We don’t use their real names on here. Besides it’s more fun this way.)

With Halloween quickly approaching, Henry is making an even more perfect addition to our crazy household. Well, as long as he follows my basic rules.

PROOF! That I’m an Author

It’s finally in! The first proof of Legendary Lex arrived.

Years in the making and I can’t express how amazing it feels to hold it in my hands. I’m sure every author feels this way when holding their book babies. Having it in it’s intended form complete with amazing cover art is literally a dream come true.



This isn’t the final form. After looking over the pages, I need to make a change to the header and footer, but that’s why we order proofs—to see what needs to be changed in the format. I’m so glad to share this moment with you guys! I’ll keep this one short and sweet. Let me know what you think!




PS. Look for more exciting news soon. I’ll be posting my pre-release information along with the official release. Thanks guys!!

My World of Make-Believe

My world is run on emotions. Music, movies, television, art. Anything that elicits strong feelings.

Everyday life? It’s…tough. There are too many news stories of murdered children or horrific fires. Of terrorism and natural disasters. The reality of these things are too strong for me, so I escape into what I call second-hand emotions.

These come from characters in our imaginations. Those, they can suffer and wither and murder and scheme. Since they’re not real, I can live those lives.

Of course there’s the standard reason too. Where else can I meet fantastical creatures like leprechauns and fairies? Where else can I stand in a ring of toadstools and be transported to a place where people fly and the world is lit by fireflies? Superheroes can come and save the day, and a little lady can scream, “No capes!”

In my world, anything can happen and I can break down crying or laughing. Then, I can always return to reality and know that the evil wizard isn’t going to break in my windows at night.

I guess it’s kinda strange…Using fiction to escape reality, then using reality to escape fiction.

Full circle. My ring of safety.


Painting by Myriam Warner, one of my sweet daughters from another mother. ❤