Legendary Lex: An ODD Beginning

Twelve-year-2885805115514706025-account_id=3old Alexis Walker has enough issues being one of the few girls in school who refused to become a boy-crazy, lipstick queen. The last thing she needs is to find out she’s also a freak who can see creatures that belong in fairy tales. When a four-hundred year old leprechaun shows up and says she’s supposed to risk her life protecting these legendary beings, she’s ready to break down and let her mom call in the shrink.


When Lex sets off on her first mission—to find a missing Satyrus—she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous hunt, and the hunter is someone who has known Lex since she was in diapers.


“This book is total fun from beginning to end, with just enough adventure sprinkled in to keep you turning pages into the wee hours.” — Joyce Scarbrough, multi-genre author of the True Blue Trilogy

“A whimsical adventure with heart and depth.” -Carrie Dalby, author of Corroded and Fortitude
“A fun, magical adventure full of heart and spirit. You’ll be rooting for Lex!”

Lee Ann Ward, multi-published, award-winning author of SEE and THERE IN THE MOON MIST

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