Our New… Pet?

Meet Henry.

henry's home

Oh, wait…


There he is. Somehow, thanks to my lovely daughter, The Evil Witch Kara (Yes, that’s the secret name she chose for my blog posts), we have adopted an uncaged spider into our home. Now, I’m a pretty bad arachnophobe so this is a huge step for me. Henry and I had to make some ground rules for his survival. First, he stays in his little corner of the bathroom window. Second, he makes no sudden moves or I can’t be held responsible for any random object that may fly his way.

I know that spiders can be very helpful and Henry is actually doing a pretty good job of catching the occasional bug. He earns his keep. Also I tend to be very protective of all life. We try to catch the non-dangerous creatures that may find their way into our home and release them back outside. But anything that can pose a real threat tends to get crushed by my lovely son, Prince. (We don’t use their real names on here. Besides it’s more fun this way.)

With Halloween quickly approaching, Henry is making an even more perfect addition to our crazy household. Well, as long as he follows my basic rules.