Help! I Can’t Stop Reading


I’ve always loved to read, but the older I got, the more that side of me slipped away. Homeschooling three kids, writing my own stories, and basically all of adulting, took most of my time and all of my energy. This year, though, I’ve found a decent stride with teaching the kids. They all have chores to do, so that helps with the house. And thanks to my frequently crappy health, I’m stuck resting. All of these together allow for plenty of reading time. (It may help that I have also cut out a lot of TV time too.) So far in 2018, I’ve read more books than I have the last three years combined.

What’s been my favorite? Pfft. I couldn’t tell you. I can say that the most surprising has been a gem I found on Kindle Unlimited. The Immortals of Indriell series by Melissa A. Craven completely pulled me in and I couldn’t stop reading until I tore through the whole series. Highly recommend.

What else stands out? The Heartstrikers Series by Rachel Aaron, Superpowerds by Drew Hayes, Kindling Flames by Julie Wetzel, and The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Yeah, I know I’m late on reading that one, but it’s still awesome. Oh, and since we’re bringing up older books, The House of Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast.

I’ve read many more so far, but those are the ones that stand out the most so far (that I haven’t already blogged about). I really should try to limit my reading more and work on Lex (and for those of you following her adventure, that’s exactly what I will be doing), but balance is key. I’m sure I’ll dip one way and then the other at times, but hey, that’s life.

Later Legendary Readers!!!